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The broadest service line offering in the industry.

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HydroChemPSC is the nation’s single largest provider of industrial cleaning services to the downstream industry (refining, petro-chemical and power generation).  Our downstream services include hydroblasting, tank cleaning, chemical cleaning, wet and dry vacuuming, hydro and pneumatic excavation, grit blasting and paint booth management for the automotive industry.  We perform these services for both routine and turnaround maintenance. Click here to learn more.


Provided primarily to the Downstream industry, HydroChemPSC provides an array of highly engineered Specialty services.  These include reduction technology (complex tank cleaning with solids processing), on-site fixed facility design and operation, vapor control management, leak detection and repair (LDAR) and specialty mechanical services, which include online leak repair, hot tapping, bolting and field machining. Click here to learn more.


HydroChemPSC has partnered with many of the US’s largest utility providers to provide a comprehensive suite of environmental compliance services.  Aimed at gas and electrical transmission and distribution networks, HydroChemPSC’s utility environmental management program (EMP), consists of the following services: transformer maintenance and cleanup, manhole and vault cleaning, hydro and pneumatic excavation, hydrotest program support, water treatment, site remediation and demolition and asbestos and lead management.  All work is rigorously documented electronically to meet the compliance needs of our customers. Click here to learn more.


With operations in California, West Texas and the Louisiana Gulf Coast, HydroChemPSC is a trusted provider of a broad array of services to the upstream oil and gas industry.  In California and West Texas, we provide well and facility abandonment services, pumping unit maintenance and vacuum truck support.  In Louisiana, we provide dockside cleaning at our Port Fourchon facility, tank and vessel cleaning and rig cleaning.  HydroChemPSC also operates a fully-licensed NORM and mercury decommissioning yard in Gibson, LA.  At all locations, HydroChemPSC is licensed in asbestos and lead abatement. Click here to learn more.

safety culture

HydroChemPSC’s three-component safety system works by combining the benefits of a proven safety program, the Loss Prevention System™(LPS), Craft Certification and our revolutionary Mechanical Integrity Program, all designed to provide HydroChemPSC workers a path to an incident free workplace.