Safety Culture

Safety Culture

HPC Industrial’s three-component safety system works by combining the benefits of a proven safety program, the Loss Prevention System™(LPS), Craft Certification and our revolutionary Mechanical Integrity Program all designed to provide HPC Industrial workers a path to an incident-free workplace.

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Loss Prevention System (LPS)

The Loss Prevention System™ (LPS) makes up one part of HPC Industrial’s three-component safety system. HPC Industrial adopted LPS in 2011 after seeing our two largest clients, ExxonMobil and Chevron, reduce their losses using the system.

LPS tools work specifically to identify factors that cause or contribute to losses and implement solutions to eliminate or reduce the likelihood that the loss will recur. LPS contains six tools and techniques that are designed to proactively address the events or circumstances that can lead to any type of unplanned loss.

LPS has contributed to a significant reduction in losses since being adopted in 2011. More importantly, LPS provides the tools to help workers own their safety performance so they can protect themselves and their families.

Craft Certification

The HPC Industrial Craft Certification program is the second part of our three-component safety system. Craft Certification is designed to provide advanced training to our employees in the field. Modeled on the NCCER Hydroblasting training, our Craft Certification offers a structured, hands-on training that allows our employees the opportunity to learn about the procedures and equipment they use in the field with the input of the equipment manufacturer and our team of experienced supervisors and managers.

HPC Industrial continues to train operators and technicians in Craft Certification at all of our locations with the goal of having Craft Certification training for every HPC Industrial service line. We encourage our client representatives as well as potential clients to join and observe the classes as often as possible with the intent of increasing education and training throughout the industry.

Mechanical Integrity

To begin our MI Program, we assembled a team of HPC Industrial engineers and field experts, along with strategic equipment supplier engineers and fabrication experts. Our team started with a HAZOP-type analysis of our liquid vacuum and hydroblasting systems, as the work involving this equipment was deemed highest priority. The objective of the HAZOP was to gain a fundamental understanding of how our equipment works and how it can fail, in an effort to significantly improve equipment design and operating procedures as well as to standardize equipment safety features, training and operational procedures, and to establish clear maintenance and inspection programs.

Promise Me

At HPC Industrial, safety is our number one foundational element.  In our line of work, a lot of things can go wrong if we, for a second, get distracted from the task at hand.  And though we can eliminate risks through the implementation of effective safety procedures and through equipping you with the tools and knowledge to make safe choices, it still comes down to each of us making safety a personal priority.

To this end, we have launched a company-wide initiative to drive personal safety home. Promise Me is a personal commitment to them… to stay safe. It’s a promise to make it home to coach football practice tonight … or to be there to watch your daughter’s graduation.

At HPC Industrial, Our Promise Me Pledge is to Think, Do, Own, Reflect and to have a meaningful Impact every single day on the job.

Click here to access our series of personalized Promise Me videos.

We are excited about the impact Promise Me can make at HPC Industrial sites across the country. And we hope to make Promise Me an ongoing effort with even more compelling stories.

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