Water Treatment

HydroChemPSC operates a fleet of carbon based mobile water treatment systems on the West Coast.  These units are primarily used in the treatment of post-hydrotest water from gas transmission pipelines. Together with our 70 BBL and 130 BBL fleet of liquid vacuum trucks, we can provide on-site, turnkey hydrotest support.

Furthermore, we operate a fixed water treatment facility in Redwood City, CA.  Formerly known as Seaport Refining, the facility is operated as a fully-permitted Class I Non-Hazardous Wastewater Treatment and Disposal facility.  It possesses an on-site laboratory used for wastewater contaminants determination.  A strong internal QA/QC program, coupled with a streamlined process for profiling incoming waste, ensures environmental compliance and safe work conditions.

The facility is permitted by both the City of Redwood City, and the Silicon Valley Clean Water District (SVCWD) to discharge up to 75,000 gallons per day. The waste water is treated by a combination of processes that include dissolved air flotation (DAF), sedimentation/solids separation, polymer addition, pH adjustment, centrifuge and activated carbon.

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