Well and Facilities Abandonment

HydroChemPSC’s Upstream Services Group specializes in the abandonment and dismantling of wells and facilities.  Asset retirement projects are plagued with environmentally sensitive issues and require a level of sophistication that addresses the site complexities from preplanning and scheduling of services through task completion. Our teams begin every project with a thorough investigation of the site to ensure site safety while developing plans that result in strict compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Turnkey solutions provided by HydroChemPSC teams of professionals include conventional removal of well heads using specialized hydraulic guillotine saws or severing the well head with the latest hands-free automated UHP water cutting technology.  In addition, we support these projects with massive hydraulic shears, excavators, multi-functioning back hoes, concrete saws, cranes, high-tech line locating, waste management, and specialized transportation services.  Our crews have safely dismantled hundreds of well-pumping units and associated piping, asbestos and lead-impacted concrete pads, tanks, and other equipment, including steam generation plants.

HydroChemPSC will deliver safe, cost-effective, and responsive results, proven to reduce the overall cost of asset retirement.

The HydroChemPSC Advantage

  •  Meticulous project planning
  • Communication with governmental agencies
  • Abatement processes and procedures
  • Well head removal and capping
  • Final Reporting
  •  Permitting capabilities
  • Line locating and tracking
  • Excavation and demolition
  • Site restoration

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