Site Remediation

Petroleum extraction, transportation and refining come with the inherent risk of site and soil contamination. HydroChemPSC offers a cost-effective solution for fast and safe removal, remediation, and disposal of such hazardous materials. Whether it’s recent spills or legacy contamination, we successfully remediate sites to their original state. When hazardous chemicals find their way into the soil, we can treat/remove them per remediation guidelines.

HydroChemPSC commonly handles contaminants such as naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM), petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorides, hydrogen sulfide, acids, alkalis, and heavy metals. From consultation with federal and state regulatory compliance agencies, to soil and equipment remediation/removal, to transportation, HydroChemPSC is your site-restoration specialist.

The HydroChemPSC Advantage 

  • Consultation with state regulatory compliance agencies
  • Underground utility surveys and line locating
  • Soil removal, transportation, and waste disposal
  • Site restoration
  • Onsite biologic land farming
  • In situ remediation
  • Soft dig to surgically remove contaminants

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