Rig Cleaning

HydroChemPSC’s experienced personnel with state-of-the-art equipment perform superior rig-pit cleaning services, both on land and offshore. Our crews are skilled in applying the most efficient cleaning methods for different muds and fluids to ensure less rig downtime and enhance safety performance.

With operations throughout Louisiana and Texas, HydroChemPSC offers efficient and reliable cleaning processes and procedures that safely provide the most effective rig-cleaning operations available today. With the application of conventional or automated rig-cleaning processes, HydroChemPSC ensures that your rig-process equipment, mud tanks and rig pits are cleaned and decontaminated safely and efficiently and in full compliance with environmental regulations.

Experienced, cross-trained crews will “free up” your rig hands to perform other activities critical to your business. The result is a faster, safer rig-cleaning project – without unnecessary downtime.

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