Hydroblasting & Hydrocutting

Serious power and years of expertise are the tools that HydroChemPSC brings when trusted to safely clean and extend the life of our clients’ equipment. We offer a variety of industrial water-blasting and cutting solutions to fit the most challenging jobs. HydroChemPSC provides safe cleaning services with pressures ranging from 10,000 PSI to 40,000 PSI. Spanning multiple industries and providing answers to unlimited applications are two of the reasons our teams are the most respected professionals across the industry.

HydroChemPSC recognizes that the safety of our employees is of utmost concern during operations.  With the goal of saving lives, HydroChemPSC’s technology center near Canton, Ohio, has engineered, automated, and built the industry’s most advanced line of hands-free hydroblasting and hydrocutting tools. We believe that’s the best way to keep our employees safely out of the line of fire.

Automated Cleaning Solutions

  • Duraflex System for line lancing
  • Fin Fan tube bundle cleaning with various styles of indexers
  • PadBlasters for true hands-free hydroblasting

Automated Cutting Solutions

  • “ACE” well head severing (internal and external designs available)
  • Coupon removal from environmentally sensitive areas
  • Door sheet cutting

HydroChemPSC, the recognized industry leader, has truly revolutionized UHP blasting and cutting with engineered, innovative solutions.

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