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Computerized Tube Cleaning System

CTCS Technology, Developed by HydroChemPSC

March 27, 2019

CTCS (Computerized Tube Cleaning System) is an industry-leading technology developed by HydroChemPSC to clean heat exchanger tubes more efficiently and consistently than ever before. CTCS insures no tubes are missed and all tubes are cleaned consistently. Data-logging and post-job reporting helps customers identify potential problem areas in their exchangers as well as assisting HPC in the development of operating parameters for future cleaning procedures.

Implementation of CTCS has saved our customers hundreds of hours of lost production and improved their process efficiency, leading to increased profit by reducing their fuel costs.

Is Your Site a Good Candidate for CTCS?

Identify time-critical, multi-shift tube cleaning jobs at your site for evaluation. Especially, jobs where cleaning time reduction and cleaning consistency are prioritized.

Planning is critical. Early collection of exchanger drawings and identifying obstructions around the exchangers allows our engineering team to determine the most effective arrangement of equipment to minimize setup time and maximize production. This includes scaffold planning.

Contact Nick Milosan at the Automation and Technology Center for evaluation of your application. He can be reached at or by phone at (330) 854-7839.

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