Refinery Vacuum Truck Services

One prominent issue that industrial businesses and their facilities face is the proper disposal of various liquid and dry solid matter — but with HydrochemPSC and our reliable refinery vacuum truck services, we alleviate that dilemma.

Open for business since 1977, HydrochemPSC has long specialized in process plant maintenance. With our ever-expanding list of capabilities, industrial facility vacuum truck services quickly became an additional specialization in our suite of services.


Leverage our top-of-the-line fleet of trucks

In order to provide the most effective and efficient refinery vacuum truck solutions, we amassed one of the most high-tech fleets of trucks and equipment available. This allows us to make quick work out of a variety of tasks — moving waste, vacuuming sands, transporting acids, etc. — while minimizing downtime for your operation.


Highly trained teams to handle our industrial facility vacuum truck solutions

The members of our team — HydrochemPSC has 2,300 staff members nationwide — are highly trained to handle each job safely and effectively. These are the men and women that will ensure your needs are met and that your operation is able to move along efficiently.

This team, paired with our equipment, provides refinery vacuum truck services that are able to remove liquids and sludge that range in densities and viscosities. This matter can be extracted from tanks, ponds, drains, sewers and more.


Protecting your workforce — and the environment

Not only do our industrial facility vacuum truck services allow us to create a safer work environment for your workforce, but our environmentally conscious approach to this important job ensures that we will adequately protect the environment from these same hazards.

Consult with a member of the HydrochemPSC staff and learn more about our refinery vacuum truck services and how we can serve as a valued resource for your business and its operation.

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