Refinery Unit Maintenance Services

Welcome to the leader in refinery unit maintenance services — we are HydrochemPSC Industrial Services and we invite you to tap into the vast knowledge and experience on our team.

With humble beginnings as a small, regional industrial services company that opened shop back in 1977, HydrochemPSC Industrial Services has grown and flourished to become a nationwide leader in specialty maintenance services and technology solutions for the country’s energy infrastructure. This includes refinery facility turnaround services.

With over 40 service locations spread out across the United States and more than 2,300 highly trained professionals on our staff, we have the capability to offer reliable, highly effective refinery turnaround services.

The best refinery unit maintenance company available

When it comes to turnarounds and scheduled maintenance, it’s crucial to find the right partner. Millions of dollars can potentially be lost to prolonged periods of shutdown, but HydrochemPSC Industrial Services will not let that happen.

Hailed by many as the best refinery facility turnaround company in business, our team takes a proactive approach to this important work. That means we team up with our clients months ahead of time to analyze their needs and engineer solutions that will help us deliver efficient, effective and safe maintenance work.

When it comes to our refinery unit maintenance services, we stress three primary elements:

  • Schedule: As we alluded to previously, turnarounds need to be highly efficient for continuous production operations. HydrochemPSC Industrial Services not only plans ahead of time, but we also implement highly trained project managers to ensure the work is executed seamlessly.
  • Budget: We work for businesses — and we want those businesses to thrive. We will discuss budget expectations ahead of time and we will honor those plans as we deliver refinery facility turnaround services.
  • Safety: We invite you to explore our extensive safety program, but in a nutshell, it contains three different components that empowers our team members to act as their own risk assessment professionals to mitigate the chance of injury or loss. We extensively train our team members and allow them to utilize cutting-edge equipment in order to avoid direct exposure to hazards.

With engineering expertise on our staff, we develop creative and effective solutions to meet the needs of your refinery or production facility. We utilize automation to help deliver effective work while slashing operational costs.

We invite you to explore our leading refinery unit maintenance services and learn more about how HydrochemPSC Industrial Services can serve as an asset for you.

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