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Hand Safety

April 30, 2019

Hand injuries are on the rise! Are you aware of how you are using your hands and are you keeping your hands safe?

Some common on-the-job scenarios where you can injure your hands are: lacerations from sharp objects, pinch points and chemical contact to name a few. Make sure you are using the proper company approved gloves – Cat 5 cut / puncture resistant and chemical resistant.

During your LPSA’s focus on Hand Safety. Ask – How can I hurt my hands doing this task? – What is the worst thing that can happen to my hands while performing this task? Focus on Hand PPE while performing your JLA – Discuss hand safety as a part of your JLA pre-job meeting.

Hand Safety Gloves

Half of LPO’s conducted should have a focus on hand safety.

The Safety Department is getting ready to launch a Hand Safety Campaign, but until then you should increase the focus.

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