Louisiana Vacuum Truck Facility Services

The best Louisiana vacuum truck facility services are those that offer a fleet with state-of-the-art technology. HydroChemPSC Industrial Services is at the top of the industry with both the staff and equipment to prove it.

Vacuum trucks have become key operators in industries such as refineries, paper mills, power and chemical plants. Our modern fleet and wet/dry vacuum truck facility services in Louisiana moves liquids, solids and slurries at top speed and have high capacity tanks.

Along with vacuuming waste and water, here are a few examples of what our Louisiana vacuum truck facility services can do for your industry or application:

  • Managing spills
  • Lowering oil sumps
  • Maintaining water levels during flooding
  • Removing catalyst
  • Transporting acids

This is just the short list. HydroChemPSC Industrial Services’ professional staff will work with you on your vacuum truck needs. If you are looking for speedy, professional service, look no further than HydroChemPSC’s industrial vacuum truck company in Louisiana.

  • It is possible for us to move waste at over 5,000 cubic feet per minute as well as covering distances of up to 500 feet.
  • We have the ability for rapid, safe dumping of your waste, water or other media.
  • Our Louisiana industrial vacuum truck company vehicles are clean and efficient.
  • Our filtration systems can remove particles down to the microns.
  • HydroChemPSC’s vacuum trucks have tanks fitted to remove and transport almost any corrosive substance, including acids and other difficult materials.

Far from the “honey wagons” of the past, HydroChemPSC’s vacuum truck facility services in Louisiana offers a professional team and the most technologically advanced fleet of vehicles in the industry. We have a proven track record of best safety practices while ensuring our clients experience minimal down times.

Our team will lead you through the process of waste disposal. HydroChemPSC proudly offers state-of-the-art crude oil reclamation and a non-hazardous oilfield waste facility. HydroChemPSC and our Louisiana vacuum truck facility services would like to partner with you on your waste pumping and removal needs.

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