Louisiana Safe Mercury Decontamination Services

HydroChemPSC is proud to be an industry leader in Louisiana safe mercury decontamination services. Mercury is a long-lasting and powerful toxin. The constant possibility of an accidental spill has the men and women of our safe mercury decontamination services in Louisiana in a state of alert readiness.

Our team is fast acting and ready to deploy. The safety of the surrounding population, as well as client liability prevention, are top priorities for HydroChemPSC Industrial Services.

The energy and shipping industries have brought jobs and careers for multiple generations of families in Louisiana. When an accident occurs, safe mercury clean up services in Louisiana are key to completing this complex and difficult cleaning process.

HydroChemPSC operates from a platform built on safety and we set clear and strict cleanup objectives, meeting or exceeding local, state and federal standards. We know that providing our safe mercury decontamination services in Louisiana helps prevent mercury-related illness and assures a rapid return to clean water.

Understanding the necessity for effective testing and maintaining a well-trained staff on site is the difference between a safe clean up and a potential environmental disaster.


A laser-like focus on safety

When an emergency arises and you are in need of Louisiana safe mercury decontamination services, consider the foundation of safety on which our company has been built.

  • We have a proven, three-component safety program, which includes the Loss Prevention System, Craft Certification and our own Mechanical Integrity Program.
  • This safety program reaches across all of our industrial services. HydroChemPSC’s Louisiana safe mercury clean up services staff believes that it is the sum total of these three components that prevent hazards and loss while protecting the safety of our clients and employees.
  • Our staff is ready to discuss our three-component safety program with you and tell you how it will provide for a quick, efficient clean up and safe environment for your decontamination job.

HydroChemPSC’s Louisiana safe mercury decontamination services are ready to provide swift action to prevent contamination and protect against the danger of a long-term mercury spill.

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