Louisiana Refinery Facility Maintenance Services

HydroChemPSC is a leading provider of Louisiana refinery facility maintenance services. With the highest standards for environmental compliance and commitment to being the safest of refinery facility maintenance services in Louisiana, we have built a team of experienced professionals to care for each of our clients’ needs without sacrificing safety.

HydroChemPSC has offered Louisiana refinery turnaround services since 1977. After 40 years since starting our company, our small team has grown into a network of professionals spanning more than 40 refinery turnaround services in Louisiana and across the United States, with 2,300 employees who are highly trained and focused on offering the safest, top-rate specialty maintenance services to America’s energy infrastructure. The way we ensure absolute safety in our program is three fold:

  • The Loss Prevention System: This trademarked system aids HydroChemPSC in eliminating losses such as personal injuries, equipment damage, property damage, lack of product quality, reliability issues and more. LPS helps our team identify causes and contributors to these losses and find solutions and preventative measures.
  • The Craft Certification Program: If our employees in the field are trained to their highest potential, they know exactly what to do to prevent and eliminate safety hazards. This is why we utilize the Craft Certification Program to make sure they have every tool — both literal and figurative — that they need.
  • Mechanical Integrity: A key factor to safety problems in our Louisiana refinery facility maintenance services regards issues in mechanics and machinery. To reduce the risk of injuries and lives lost, we analyzed our liquid vacuum and hydroblasting systems to understand where and how machinery failure is possible. Then, we built a plan to prevent it from happening.

With the guarantee that HydroChemPSC offers the safest and most effectively trained refinery facility maintenance services in Louisiana, you can contact us today for more information on the specific services your operation requires.

Whether you need upstream or downstream services, or more specific Louisiana refinery facility maintenance services, we have the expertise and the state-of-the-art equipment to keep your facility safe and running smoothly.

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