Louisiana NORM Decontamination Services

HydroChemPSC offers Louisiana NORM decontamination services to rid your space of naturally occurring radioactive material or radionuclides. Though most of the time, exposure to such NORMs is inconsequential, at some points, the concentration of NORMs gets high enough to merit intervention and control, especially to stay within state guidelines. HydroChemPSC is your safest and most professional provider of NORM decontamination services in Louisiana.

Exposure to NORM materials is usually increased by activities such as burning coal and oil or gas production. Though experts have known about the presence of NORM materials since the 1930s, the need for NORM decontamination services in Louisiana, and across the country, was not fully realized until the 1980s.

Since our conception in 1977, HydroChemPCS has done everything in our power to lead the nation in safe and effective process plant maintenance. That is why we offer the removal of NORM materials and other hazardous waste. We cannot keep the public safe if we let levels of NORM exposure rise.


About our Louisiana NORM decontamination services

Honoring our dedication to complete environmental compliance means more than just following rules. Our LiveGreenNow Sustainability Initiative shows that we mean business and assure our clients that we will guide our NORM decontamination services in Louisiana by our five core values:

  • Safety
  • People
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Environmental stewardship.

Our NORM waste disposal company in Louisiana, and our company in Texas, both offer state-specific services to maintain compliance at the state and federal levels, and to keep the public safe from NORM substances. Our team has years of experience in remediating and decontaminating NORM materials in refineries, gas plants, paper mills, abandoned oilfields and more. Hands down, we are the highest rated Louisiana NORM waste disposal company.

While searching Louisiana for NORM decontamination services, you cannot afford to accept second-rate work or lazy employees. From our President and CEO, Brad Clark, to every professional and technician in the field, we value safety and compliance. Contact us today at 713-623-8777 for more information.

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