Lagoon Dredging Sludge Removal Services

When your operation’s industrial lagoon or holding pond needs to be cleaned, we invite you to consult with the team at HydroChemPSC and lean on our lagoon dredging and sludge removal services.

There are many factors to consider during a job like this — from staying in compliance with all state and federal regulations, to keeping the surrounding environment and people isolated from potentially contaminated material. That’s why our lagoon dredging and wastewater treatment company plans each job carefully in order to execute it in a way that is safe, efficient and effective.


An expert lagoon sludge removal company

When sludge, sediment and other matter accumulates in your lagoon or pond, it reduces the storage capacity and does not allow your operation to hit peak efficiency. These holding lagoons and ponds need consistent cleaning — and the team at HydroChemPSC is available to provide this important service.

When you work with our team for lagoon wastewater treatment services, you benefit by teaming with a business that:

  • Utilizes both highly trained staff and cutting-edge equipment and tools. Our lagoon dredging and sludge removal services are effective because we have closely analyzed the process and established the most efficient way to carry it out.
  • Has a strong knowledge of environmental regulations. It’s very important to work with a lagoon dredging and wastewater treatment company that helps you avoid costly penalties, which can come with failing to stay in compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Bring experience to the project. We have administered lagoon wastewater treatment services for clients that range from power plants to manufacturing facilities. We have the knowledge and expertise to meet your specific needs.

HydroChemPSC is an industry leader in industrial cleaning and maintenance. In business since 1977 and with over 40 service locations around the country, we are ready and equipped to carefully handle your lagoon dredging and sludge removal services.

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