Industrial Site Vacuum Truck Services

Instead of creating a messy worksite when having to dig up and expose underground utilities, rely on the streamlined industrial site vacuum truck services by HydrochemPSC. We have the equipment, staffing and expertise to handle air excavation at your facility or site of operation.


What we offer as your industrial site air excavation company

Here at HydrochemPSC, we provide vacuum truck air excavation services that allow us to check on the status of your underground utilities. With this cutting-edge method, we provide our clients with a variety of benefits, including:

  • A safe, orderly work site. Instead of digging in the conventional fashion, our vacuum truck air excavation company can utilize our pressure and vacuum systems to expose underground utilities without creating a mess.
  • Once finished, our industrial site vacuum truck services are able to re-fill the holes with the dry debris that we vacuumed up, making for a quick, efficient means of working with underground utilities.
  • This service offered by HydrochemPSC — a leading industrial site air excavation company — is one of the most cost efficient methods of exposing underground utilities. Plus, it provides minimal disruption to your operation.
  • With our air excavation technique, you are able to protect your underground utility components that might be subject to potential damage from traditional digging methods — whether that involves hand-digging or digging with a shovel or other tool.

HydrochemPSC specializes in this very important service, allowing for minimal disruption when we need to reach underground utilities that are either buried deep into the ground or are found in busy areas that leave little room to operate.

We encourage you to reach out to our staff and talk to us more about our capabilities in regards to industrial site vacuum truck services and the other many great industrial solutions that we provide for our clients.

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