Grit Blasting

HydroChemPSC’s grit-blasting services can be used to clean deposits from storage tanks, boiler areas (furnace walls, back pass areas, fans, ductwork), and a variety of other operating equipment prior to testing or inspection, as well as to prepare metal and concrete surfaces prior to painting, coating, or welding. Performed properly, grit blasting helps reduce sulfur dioxide emissions, improve heat transfer, and conserves fuel. In many cases, systems are returned to near-new performance levels. HydroChemPSC’s highly trained and experienced grit-blasting technicians safely perform quality work with a minimum amount of down time.

Based on our client’s specific needs, trained HydroChemPSC personnel carefully select the proper abrasive media, grit size, and air pressure for the application. The abrasive media may include silica sand; however, due to health concerns over this medium, HydroChemPSC also offers options that contain no free silica, such as slag products, flint, and other specialized media.

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