Two 80 foot Combined Feed exchangers only accessible from the bottom


Clean two Combined Feed exchangers that are 85 ft. long with 5,000 tubes. The greatest challenge was that the tubes were only accessible from the bottom. Our objective was to help our customer reduce their overall cleaning project costs even further without reducing the quality achieved in previous years. We also had to ensure that safety was not compromised in the process.


We ran two customized indexers at the same time with dual lances set up on each. Our Duraflexxx system was able to push the small flexlance over 80 ft. vertically and deliver a consistent feed rate of 7 ips in both directions. These two mammoth exchangers were not only cleaned in place but were so clean the plant decided to delay scheduled replacement of these two units. This is a great example of the power the Duraflexxx has when needed to go 80 ft. vertical as well as the potential results you get from controlled feed rates.

Value Summary


  • Improved safety by reducing the risks and hazards of manual hydroblasting
  • Completed job 50% faster
  • Reduced cleaning cost by more than 30%
  • Eliminated need for current unit replacement

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