This twisted tube exchanger was introduced to a straight lance


Offshore drilling company in the Gulf of Mexico has 3 twisted tube exchangers with 2486 tubes completely plugged with asphaltine (type of process crude). In the past they were hand lanced with 4500 psi with minimal success. Process took 11 days – a total of 120 blasting hours.


HydroChem’s Custom Solutions team assessed the problem and devised a system to clean this unusual design. By modifying our versatile ATLance™ equipment, our engineers were able to design a procedure where rugged stiff lance equipment could be operated via remote control from outside the hazard zone. Automation of lance travel, rotation speeds, flow and pressures, all contributed to improved throughput capacity that dramatically exceeded  hand lancing while extending life between each scheduled cleaning.  Operator safety and productivity was improved since there was minimal need for PPE.

The value of a custom engineered solution from HydroChem can be counted in the reduction of lost production time and improved operator safety. What was originally done by hand in 120 hours is now done safely by automation in only 80 hours.


Value Summary

  • Improved safety and work conditions
  • Accomplished significant improvement to
  • exchanger efficiency
  • Offered solution other vendors could not
  • Overall blast time savings of 40 hours

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