16,800 tubes cleaned in half the time of previous years


After over 13 years of servicing this condenser, our objective was to help our customer reduce their overall cleaning project costs even further without reducing the quality achieved in previous years. We also had to ensure that safety was not compromised in the process.


Our recently designed triple Duraflexxx™ equipment was the perfect tool for the job. Powered by two high volume 600 hp pumps, we dramatically improved the time required to get the job done. By using our own custom designed and built equipment, we completed the project without any safety or production issues. Whenever higher volumes and pressures are thrown into the mix, equipment reliability can make you or break you. With 336,000 feet of potential for problems, it was experience, training and quality tooling that allowed us to perform with confidence and continue providing the high quality service our customers are used to.

Value Summary


  • Improved safety and work conditions
  • Completed job 29.5 hours faster
  • Returned vessel back to service faster
  • Reduced cleaning cost by 40% over previous years

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