California Automated Tank Cleaning Services

HydroChemPSC Industrial Services brings experience and state-of-the-art technology to our California automated tank cleaning services. We are the preferred provider for automated tank cleaning services in California and are recognized leaders in the industry.

HydroChemPSC handles complex, high-volume projects as well as the routine smaller jobs.  Whatever your tank design, HydroChemPSC is ready to tackle the job.


Leveraging extensive experience for your benefit

Did you know that our California industrial tank cleaning company offers a cross-trained crew that can step in and minimize your downtime? We understand that work stoppage and downtime are real problems and tank cleaning can be an enormous and sometimes dangerous task for workers who are untrained in the specifics of automated tank cleaning services in California.

Our crews have extensive experience and will relieve you and your workers of the burden of worrying about worker safety, decontamination and waste disposal.

Our California automated tank cleaning services team is well equipped to assist you in your cleaning needs from engineering and project planning to centrifuge assembly, sludge removal, waste management and transportation.

Our industrial tank cleaning company in California has extensive experience in potential problem areas, as well.  Whether you are dealing with high sludge levels, limited access to collected materials, or damaged tanks, we can complete the job. Our professionals can be called into action to handle the job where other tank cleaning services have failed.

We utilize cutting-edge equipment and tools

HydroChemPSC‘s automated tank cleaning services in California offer the most advanced non-entry cleaning technology employing robotic systems, canons and nozzles and robotic crawlers.

Our goal is to protect personnel, increase productivity, and control noxious emissions. Our step-by-step process includes a spray cleaner that will clean surfaces and liquefy sludge for easier removal. Once this is completed, the centrifuge will separate dry waste from effluent, creating easy disposal and potential re-use for the liquids.

The safety of personnel is at the forefront of HydroChemPSC’s California automated tank cleaning services. Daily job safety analysis, on-site certified tank supervisors and extensive pre-project planning will lead to an efficient and safe work environment.

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