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On October 11, 2017, PSC, a portfolio company of Littlejohn & Co. LLC, and Aquilex Holdings, LLC, owner of HydroChem and a portfolio company of Centerbridge Partners, L.P., announced they had successfully completed a transaction in which PSC has acquired all of the outstanding ownership interests of HydroChem, combining both PSC and HydroChem to create HydroChemPSC.

The combined company is led by executives from both organizations: Brad Clark, CEO of PSC, serves as HydroChemPSC’s CEO, President, and member of the board. Gary Noto, HydroChem’s CEO, serves as the new company’s Vice Chairman and a member of the board.

About PSC

PSC was a leading provider of specialty maintenance services and technology solutions to the critical energy infrastructure in the U.S. PSC had built a strong business platform by partnering with clients who value safety, by developing the most modern and productive equipment in the industry, by cultivating a deep bench of engineering talent, and by adhering to the highest standards for environmental compliance. The heart of the organization came from its dedicated employees, who are among the most experienced, best-trained professionals in the industry. PSC’s service culture put their clients and them on the same side of the table, working as partners to transparently identify ways to reduce wastes, costs, and liabilities.

About HydroChem

HydroChem LLC was a leading provider of industrial cleaning solutions to the petrochemical, oil refining, and other energy end-markets. HydroChem served a diverse base of blue-chip customers and had industry-leading safety results, highly innovative automation technologies and specialty services, as well as best-in-class project supervision personnel and field equipment. The company’s core services, which included hydroblasting, industrial vacuuming, chemical cleaning, tank cleaning, and paint booth management services, are essential to improving or maintaining the efficiency and operability of customer facilities as well as extending the useful lives of process equipment.

Together, HydroChemPSC can now offer more to our customers than any other provider. Our collective national footprint, together with our vast array of services allow us to truly become that “one-stop shop” for our valued customers, who value service providers around whom they can consolidate services and thus reduce their contractor count and associated indirects.

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